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Fast Services



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Medical Check Up

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Fast and Efficient

Our clinic is centrally located and we offer a thorough and efficient appointment service which means you won’t need to wait around once you arrive.


Our Clinic and our Doctors are all fully qualified professionals with a sound knowledge.  you will receive the best possible medical and holistic healthcare 

Daily Open.      

We are open seven days a week so you don’t need to wait worrying until Monday if an urgent medical issue arises. also welcome walk in or online booking.

Hugsa Clinic กลางเวียง

Local healthcare provider in Chiang Mai

Whether you are living, working or travelling through Chiang Mai, Hugsa Medical is here for you. We offer world class individual healthcare, via appointment OR walk-in, at cost effective prices ensuring peace of mind and value for money. Daily Open from 10 AM - 6 PM. 

Hugsa Clinic is a service that has been set up by a team of specialist surgeons based in central of Chiang mai. If you wish to come and see us.

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